Moving. Be back soon!


It has been a very busy period moving into our new house in Portugal (from Panama!), so I couldn't keep the website updated. I'll be back soon, but in the meantime here comes a sneak peek at the event that took place yesterday: the opening of Ariana Lima Art and Fashion Boutique, in the heart of Panama City, decorated with my works.

Negli ultimi tempi sono stata molto presa dal nostro trasloco in Portogallo (da Panama!) e non ho potuto aggiornare il sito tanto quanto avrei voluto. Tornerò presto, ma nel frattempo ecco qui una sbirciatina all’evento che si è tenuto ieri sera nel centro di Panama: l’inaugurazione di Ariana Lima Art and Fashion Boutique, ambientazione decorata con alcune mie opere.


Art & Couture - Collaboration with Ariana Lima in Panama City

Ariana + Federica 3.jpg
Ariana + Federica 1 b.jpg
Ariana + Federica 5 low.jpg
Ariana + Federica 6 low.jpg
Ariana + Federica 4 low.jpg
Ariana + Federica 2.jpg

Sneak peek of my collaboration with Brazilian fashion designer Ariana Lima for the opening of her atelier in Panama City and launch of her new Couture collection.

Behind the scenes de mi colaboración con la diseñadora de moda Ariana Lima para la presentación de su nueva colección y la inauguración de su taller en Ciudad de Panamá.

Exploring connections

You know - Aiello Pini

I explore connections in things, words, spirituality. I think there are subtle but strong links behind what we see and that’s the building ground of the world that we live in. This could be true in an existential as well as in a pragmatic manner: the inside and the outside are always connected, always interdependent, that’s what we experience everyday when witnessing how our thoughts and reactions open the path for the next moment, both in positives or negative ways. Simply put, our reaction to life creates our life.

The ocean in front of the city I live in influences my dreams and my art. Thoughts and books, phrases gathered casually in the streets are still swinging in my mind when I go back to the studio. Something I’m working on now might the concretization of an idea I had five years ago, consciously or otherwise.

I believe that everything is triggered by connections. I find them so fascinating that I’m always thinking about them, in every subject that I paint: abstraction, nature or human figure (in my almost abstract way). When I’m working at one of my Kisses paintings, I’m trying to capture the connection between two souls.